About Us

WorldStove’s primary objectives are improving overall quality of life for the people we work with. We do this through the creation of self-sustaining local employment, sustainable sanitation, and ecosystem restoration.We create innovative and useful products that increase opportunity for individuals and households around the globe. We believe that real solutions to the world’s big issues can be achieved in a series of incremental changes made in step with the communities we serve. These changes require both the will of the community and the technical competence to move ahead. Our entry point to this work was through stoves. We quickly recognized that in order to make a difference we needed to think beyond that. To that end, we developed a strategy promoting: adaptation of fuel efficient cook stoves; creation of economic opportunities for participating households; and development of community capacity to continue to innovate on an environmentally friendly trajectory. WorldStove has evolved from a small stove-focused company into a multi-faceted, international, organization with stoves as one tool for achieving our many goals. In our work, we seek to address problems holistically with the communities we work with, hopefully leading to longer lasting, community supported solutions.