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WorldStove’s primary mission is the creation of permanent, local self-sustaining jobs. Our second objective is improving the environment to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. We achieve these two objectives through our stoves. We establish a franchise based local manufacturing site in each community we work in. By combining local manufacturing and assembly with our centralized high end machining of sub-components, the communities we work with are able to produce a consistently high quality product adapted to their needs without having to make the capital investments of a foundry or high end machining facility.

In an attempt to assist local economies, an additional source of income is derived from our offset program. WorldStove pledges 100% of each offset earned to the local franchise that generates them. Our franchise rules state that each StoveHub should be locally owned and operated and be partnered with a local university and another NGO. These partnerships are fundamental to effective evaluation of the work and are central to our verifiable offset programs.

Communities and organizations* that wish to start a WorldStove StoveHub of their own are invited to form these essential partnerships and write to us for an application form.

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*Please note that WorldStove does not partner with individuals. People wishing to start a WorldStove program must be either part of an established, local, organization or a community organization.  All applicants must be permanent residents in the location where the desired WorldStove program would operate and must pass WorldStove’s vetting process.